April 10th, 2017

The Best (Are} Like Water ...

The best, like water,
benefit all and do not compete
They dwell in lowly spots that everyone else scorns.
Putting others before themselv.
they find themselves  in the foremost place
and come very near to the Tao.

In their dwelling, they love the earth;
in their heart, they love what is deep;
in personal relattionships, they love kindness;
in their words, they love truth;
in the world, they love peace;
in personal affairs, they love what is right; (and)
in action, they love choosing the right time.

It is because they do not compete with others
that they are beyond the reproach of the world.

              Tao Te Ching, Chapter 8
              Translated by Stephen Ruppenthal
              (In God Makes the Rivers to Flow,by Eknath Easwaran)