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July 17th, 2016

Journal Entry

I recieved a sympathy caerd yesterday from a "member" of the Back of the Bus Bunch, which emerged out of "familiar strangers" whose individual paths happened to follow the same trajectory each weekday morning for about twenty minutes.  We were mostly city, state, and phone  company employees who happened to sit in, or were drawn to, the rear  of the #7 bus.  I was part of this "bunch" for twenty (maybe 25) years.

Anyway, they used to (and i guess still do) have brunch together one Sunday each month.  I have not gone in (probably) three years and my phone number and email address have changed, so i have, for all intents and purposes, dropped out of sight.  Most of the people there that i was most drawn to are now dead, but 3 or more that i really liked are still around and one of them sent me a sympathy card and asked for contact information.  So. i guess i will be getting back in touch.

I felt sicker than i have in my life most of Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.  I think it was gas...but OMG!  Feel fine now.

The homily at Mass Saturday was quite good and i should have gotten more out of it than i did.
My "Catholic" to "interspiritual" translation skills have really gotten rusty over the  past two  years.
I need to journal on the subject of communication problems among those who supposedly speak the same language but whose reliigous (or political) vocabularies are so different that they seem almost incon\mprehensible to each other.

Equanimity, loving kindness, compassion, and joy to all sentient beings, and especially to  all of you,
Poetry Chaikhana | Shah Nematollah Vali - Muslim/Sufi - Poetry, Biography

I found this realized (enlightened, emptied, saved. graced, Bodhisattva) Sufi poet just today.  Not used to him yet, his poetry does not easily pass out of my mind and into my heart; but there great messages in the four poems presented here, expressed in images that really grab me.



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