July 8th, 2016

Journal Entry

For the past fifty nights, i have not slept well, going to bed very late, staying awake a long time, waking frequently, and rising early.  Last night i got the best night's sleep i have had in a while, maybe ever!

I am a nocturnal member of a diurnal species.  My biological clock must have been set wrong at birth; added to that is the fact that i love the night; it has day beat six ways to Sunday.  My reasons for preferring night are psychological, aesthetic, social, and spiritual  Almost as soon as i could toddle, i snuck from my room to explore the darkness.

When i was young and middle aged, this did not bother me, and as a married man, i liked to sleep beside my spouse, who slept at night..  At any rate it was easy to have both a day life and a "night life."  I could sleep for six or four or two hours and still put in a reasonably productive day (unless my day involved late afternoon scheduled meetings where "business" was to be  discussed)/  I could keep one foot solidly planted in the day world, the other, in the night.

In old age, i pay for wakeful nights with sleepy days.  Thurssay evening, i slept through "final Jeopardy" and then through the time of my Al Anon meeting.  Oh, tine!  I have seven hours of my week committed and i missed one of them,  I  would start my "discipline by setting limits on my waking day.  I would go go bed at 10pm and awaken eight hours later.  If i needed a sleep aid to get in the habit, i would take one.

So i went to bed at 11, fell asleep quickly without a pill, slept FOUR hours, woke  long enough to use the batroom, slept another FIVE hours.  A prayer of gratitude was in order and i complied.
So far (3pm) my head has not fallen onto my keyboard, into my coffee, or any other inconvenient place.
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Anarchy And Compassion



                         The person in harmony with Tao
                                        ignores justice
                                     and obeys no laws:
                                             is moved
                                        by compassion.

                                                                -- Jos Stabbert

Why is philosophical Tapism anarchic?
Why is the the Catholic Worker Movement anarchist?
Why are 12 step programs anarchistic?
Because they are moved by compassion.

If one is about fearing justice
and obeying laws,
there may be little room left
for compassion.

The state is about order.
Order favors the powerful and wealthy
even when that means ignoring the powerless..
There is  no "preferrential option toward the poor."
in an orderly state.

Therefore the poor become disorderly,
law enforcement becomes disorderly,
the state becomes disorderly, and
society becomes disorderly.

Society becomes disorderly
because the state cannot give compassion,
without compassion there is no mercy
without mercy there is no justice,
without justice the powerful turn their backs on the weak.

Without compassion, there is no point to society
except for the wealthy and powerful.
Don't you consevatives and liberals and libertarians
know the saying:
"I would rather die on my feet than live on  my knees."
I thought it was your slogan?

Come to think of it, living on one's knees
might not be a bad idea if
we were talking about prayer.
But spiritual powerslessness
does not equal social,
economic, or
political powerlessness.