June 15th, 2016

Emotions Anonymous

The meeting consisted of one other person, a woman about my age?, and me.  We prayed, shared stories, read the 12 steps and chatted for an hour. (and i drank way to much coffee for after 7pm -but the new wisdom  says that doesn't matter).  But the place was surprisingly easy to find and the drive was pleasant except for a (minor, i suspect) accident a short distiance in front of me as i approached the  offramp.  She will be out  of town next week so i will skip it rather than chance going to an empty room.  There are supposed to be six regular attenders, and the group "normally" has between 4 and 10 in attendance.  I'm glad i went and i will go back.

There seems to have been a dramatic decrease in the number of EA groups.  The Wikipedia article says there were 1,100 groups in the U.S. in 2004.  EA's current website says there 600 groups in the World and i was able to count about 280 in the United States.  A comparison of different 12 step programs  from a demographic or organization theory perspective might make a good Masters Thesis for some interested grad student..


My first afternoon at Corpus Christi House went smoothly
I opted for a short shift because i did not know how my knees and hips would hold up.  In spite of forgetting to take my cane, i had absolutely no pain or mobility problems.  Will go back next Wednesday and maybe ask for more responsiblity.  Interaction with people, no matter what the  situation, is difficult for me and it will take several weeks to become part of a team or a  friend to our guests.

The Tao Is Tao (46) - Ignorance Is Lack Of Faith In Mystery



                                                          is not
                                              a lack of knowledge,
                                                but a lack of faith
                                              in the unknowable.
                                                  The ignorant
                                               clings to knowledge
                                           as if knowledge can explain
                                                  the inexplicable.
                                                  The Taoist sage
                                                       in harmony
                                                  with the mysterious.

                                                               --Jos Stabbert
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The Tao Is Tao (46) - Daily Tao

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