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June 5th, 2016

Grey Owl - Wikipedia

While his writings showed his deep knowledge and concern about the environment, Belaney's account of his origins as "Grey Owl" was fictional. The consequences of the revelation were dramatic. Publishers immediately ceased producing his books under the name "Grey Owl". In some cases his books were withdrawn from publication. This in turn affected the conservation causes with which Belaney had been associated, resulting in a decrease in donations to them.
Grey Owl - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Two Churches.

"....Around 79% of Quakers worldwide belong to the "evangelical" and "programmed" branches of Quakerism – these Quakers worship in services with singing and a prepared message from the Bible, coordinated by a pastor. Around 11% of Friends practice waiting worship, or unprogrammed worship (more commonly known today as Meeting for Worship), where the order of service is not planned in advance, is predominantly silent, and may include unprepared vocal ministry from those present.,,,"

Quakers - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

On the internet the Friends in Meridian did not call themselves a Church, but i had no espectations.  I spent an enjoyable hour there but it was not worship for me,  There was no "open worship" though such was advertized.  The muisic was nice, but i would have enjoyed it more in a western bar on a Saturday night.  But i knew that my likelihood of encountering part of the "11 percent" was pretty slim.

Afterward there was still time (almost) to get to Mass.  The Catholic church is a massive structure, cavernous almost, with much symbolism. the pianist played stately music, the officiants were robed, the homily was brief, the sacrament of the eucharist took up most of the time (and today there was anointing of the sick, in which i participated).  The Friends church was a low structure with no obvious  external  signs of its function,  The guitarist and singer sounded country, almost appalachan   The pastor wore jeans, the sermon was long, taking up more than half the time.  It was a good sermon, but i've been away from Protestantism too long.  I like my sermons/homilies to be both profound and short, but brevity will trump depth every time.

Well, there are still the Buddhists and the Unitarians.



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