June 1st, 2016

American Capitalism’s Great Crisis | TIME

Crises of faith like the one American capitalism is currently suffering can be a good thing if they lead to re-examination and reaffirmation of first principles. The right question here is in fact the simplest one: Are financial institutions doing things that provide a clear, measurable benefit to the real economy? Sadly, the answer at the moment is mostly no. But we can change things. Our system of market capitalism wasn’t handed down, in perfect form, on stone tablets. We wrote the rules. We broke them. And we can fix them.

American Capitalism’s Great Crisis | TIME By Rana Foroohar.

I liked this article, might even read the book, Makers and Takers.

Marx saw finance capitalism (what Foroohar calls "financialization" of the economy) as one of the "seeds" that capitalism will sow in preparing its own destruction.  It looks more and more like he might have been right