May 29th, 2016

The Tao Is Tao - (27 & 28) - Daily Tao

                                                         Arguing about the inexpressible
                                                                     hatred and fear.
                                                           The Taoist sage knows only
                                                                                               brings compassion.

                               The ignorant
                   argue about the indefinable
                               and destroy
                     wisdom and compassion.
                      The Taoist sage knows
                                the essence
                               beyond words
                      and he therefore prefers
                                  to be silent.

                                                         --Jos Stabbert

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What Is the Reason We're Here?

...What is the reason we are here?

 —Jerry McGovern, Buellton, California

I think it depends on your spiritual beliefs. If you have a religion, it provides the answer. But if you don’t believe in a god, the question contradicts your thinking. Having a reason implies having a purpose, which indicates an intelligent being (or cognitive power, etc.) with intent. That’s what people call a god. So if you don’t believe a god exists, you can’t believe a reason exists. You must settle for assuming we got here through some natural process, and that’s that.

--Marilyn von Savant.

What Is the Reason We're Here?

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