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May 20th, 2016

During the past week, a dozen of you have sent messages of support for our well being, and finally shared my sorrow over her death.  I know that  others of you did not comment but privately emitted prayers, support, good wishes. and, finally, condolences.

I know i should have repllied to each comment.  A simple "thank you" seemed to little and other words did not come to me.  But we are truly grateful.  Some of your comments struck so powerfully that i could not think, let alone type.

Again: Love, peace, mercy, and joy to you all.   _/\_.  Thank you, thank you, thank you,

Antonio Machado - Songs (Fragments)

     With words of love
a bit of exaggeration
just feels right.

     In Santo Domingo,
the high mass.
Even though they call me
heretic and Mason,
praying with you,
what devotion!


Celebrations in the green pasture
-- fife and drum.
With his flower-draped crook
and golden sandals a shepherd came.

     Down from the mountain I came,
only to dance with her;
to the mountain I'll return.


     Between the black oaks,
there is a fountain of stone,
and a clay pitcher
that is never full.

     By the oak wood,
with the white moon,
she will return.

     With you in Valonsadero,
Feast of San Juan,
morning in the Argentine plain,
on the other side of the sea.
Keep faith in me,
that I will return.

     Tomorrow I'll be the wind upon the plain
and my heart itself will go
to the banks of the High Douro.......

Poetry Chaikhana | Antonio Machado - Songs

A  favorite poet.
Partly because he often speaks for me.
Especially here.
Is this "sacred poetry?"  Probably not
But all one has  to do, often,
to turn a love poem into a hymn,
is capitalize a few nouns.
Its nice when one poem can serve several purposes.

The Tao Is Tao (17) - Daily Tao


                                                             Analytical thinking,
                                                       which divides and dissects.
                                                       does not satisfy the needs
                                                                  of the spirit,
                                                        for the spirit finds peace
                                                                     in unity,
                                                              which exists only
                                                                 in emptiness
                                                  where thinking has no influence.

                                                To step into the realm of the spirit
                                                        is to abandon thinking.
                                                Can you step over the precipice,
                                                   not knowing what is below?
                                                         Life starts that way.

                                                                                --Jos Stabbert

Also posted at The Tao Is Tao (17) - Daily Tao This is essentially William Blake's critiqaue of science.  I don't think he knew Taoism, but he did know neo-Platonism which was the West's closest approximation to Eastern spirituality..



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