February 16th, 2016


I read my brother's online obituary roday and learned two things:

1)  At the time of his death he was in Assisted Living.

2) My sister, Jean,  is also dead.  

I talked to my brother's wife on the phone tonight.  She is in  deeo grief.
She told me that Carl began having a series of strokes beginning in May 2015.
He was taken to the emergency room five or six times.
Finally in November, they went into assisted living.  He conrinued ro have strokes and bounce back.    
He was working out on Feb 5th and died the next morning.

She also told me that Jeanie died "two or three years ago of cancer."  They did not find out abour unril "after the fact."  I thought i was out of touch because  of my autism.  The fact is that were not a closely knit family.  Each went his or her own way.