January 18th, 2016

The Cost of Living in a Monetized Society.

I.P.F., Not Aging, Could Be Causing Breathlessness - The New York Times.

Suppose someone you cared about will soon die of an incurable illness.  How would you feel?
Suppose that someone's life could be prolonged indefinitely by a medication which was far too expensive.  Would your feeling now be different from the other situation?

I want to do a post on this but i am not sure what i want to say or how i want  to say it.

$95,000  per year, $260 per day, for the privilege ( i had  thought it a right) to live a few more years.  One would have to have a full time job paying $40 per hour just to pay for one's meds.  And there are other living expenses, so i had better add 25 bucks to that hourly wage/salary.  $135,000 per year.  How many of us make that.  I never made half that amount in any year i worked and i consider myself much better off than most people.

How is the world improved by solutions that, for whatever reason, won't deal with the problem or will make  other things worse in the process?  Ghandi, Jacques Ellul, me, the  Luddites. and now the poet, R.S. Thomas.  I need to start a list of the people who fear technology more thn they desire it.. 

R. S. Thomas|-- Poetry, Technology, Culture/

"...his poetry was consistent in its seriousness of purpose. In Thomas's eyes the modern world with its technological conveniences was a dangerous distraction from our spiritual existence. Sometimes this aversion to the 20th Century could take on Luddite-like proportions - Thomas's son recalled sermons in which his father railed against fridges and washing machines - but Thomas certainly practised what he preached, living an extremely ascetic life. The language of the poems reflects this: the words are simple and spare, the lyric voice often fierce but capable of a kind of severe compassion and a prophet-like intensity. Thomas's uncompromising vision continued to attract admiration: in 1964 he won the Queen's Gold Medal for Poetry and in 1996 was a Nobel nominee (losing out to Seamus Heaney). Thomas died after suffering heart trouble at the age of 87. There was something in Thomas of the "voice crying aloud in the wilderness", the loneliness of a man socially isolated form his parishioners by his education and from the contemporary world by his temperament. But this sense of isolation is what makes his poetry "very pure, very bitter" (Al Alvarez) like the Welsh landscape he knew so well."

R. S. Thomas | poetryarchive.org

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