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January 10th, 2016

What the Catholic Worker means to me.

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"What did the Catholic Worker mean to me?  What does it mean to me now? I believe it became my image of Chistian life: to live with poor people, with few possessions of one's own, sharing food and drink and clothing and shelter, practicing all the "works of mercy," praying, crying out against injustice, working "for clarificaiton of thought," and enjoying the immediate company of a diverse and colorful community....We lived according to no rule,.... I do tend to think of that life as exemplary. The Worker was a community in voluntary poverty, a surprisingly difficult ideal even to strive for, let alone to achieve. The Catholic Worker has over the years made it possible for many of us to live this life for a while and perhaps to achieve at least aspects of it later on in other places.

That such a life is possible, that it has in it much enjoyment, intellectual interest, congeniality, and spiritual learning---though it can often be confining and stressful----is knowledge that has stayed with me and helped me not to be afraid. The Catholic Worker is still a powerul presence in my life and remains my ideal, however little realized. "    Judith Gregory, Sept. 2, 1996

What the Catholic Worker means to me. - Catholic Worker odds & ends

Update Update

Dianne is 46 days out of the hospital and she seems (to me) stronger than she has been at any time in the last three years.  She has been on a ten day course of prednozone, which is contributing to more lung capacity and six litres of supplemental oxygen has become the new normal.  Nevertheless, i feel very encougaged by the way she is holding up.  She takes the last prednizone in four days, so we will see if her high and stable saturation stats and her lower and more regular heartrate continue beyond that time.  She is, as always, serene and feeling "fine."



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