January 7th, 2016

In The Darkness

Consciousness is a mystery.
Life is a mystery.
The universe is a mystery.
That is all i know.
That is all i can know.
That is all i need to know?

Ah, but is that all i want to know?
What does that mystery have to do with me?

The wise say stop thinking about yourself
and you will be closer to whatever truth is.

Is the mystery love?
The wise say it is
But the wisest of the wise
say they don't know.

Still they act as though the mystery is Love.
They are merciful
They are humble
They do what they do in moderation

They pray that all creation will know joy,
that all creation will be at peace and have serenity,
that all creation will recieve compassion and loving kindness,
that all creation will be released from suffering.
and that all things will always be well in all ways

I am not the wisest. nor among the wise
nor among those on one of the better paths to wisdom.
Yet i know the wisest are are correct.
Whatever the mystery is or might be
It is best that i behave as saints behave.