December 23rd, 2015

Answer for question 4576.

What did you dream to be when you were a kid? Did that dream come true for you? Most kids change their mind many, many times about "what they want to be when they grow up" -- what's the most unusual thing you remember wanting to be?
I can only remember two childhood occupational goals. One was to be a preacher (and i actually did that for a short while) the other was to be a beachcomber somewhere in the South Pacific. I have no idea where this wish came from. I did live near a beach, but nobody made a living off it. The dream never did quite end and, of course, it never came true.

Answer for question 4577.

What urges you to wake up every day and get out there in the world (besides your alarm clock)? Do you have a particular goal you're working towards? What makes you happy in your life -- are you getting to do that enough, or is too much of your time being taken up by other, less-satisfying things?
I try not to treat writer's block questions as though some are age appropriate and others not. There is no reason that an eighty-year-old cannot have goals and motivations which are as strong as those of a teenager. But frankly, what urges me to wake up every day is either a full bladder or leg cramps. By now, if i have net learned to find happiness within myself, i am unlikely to find it anywhere. And i have always made "poor use" of time by most people's standards. When the body can no longer keep up with the mind, the mind tends to slow down also, leaving the spirit to soar by itself.

At my age, people are often caregivers or the recipients of caregiving. I happen to be in the former category, so my major motivation is to try to ensure that the person i care for will continue to prefer being alive to being dead. But if i did not have this purpose, i'm pretty certain that i would find some other "outer purpose" I am learning that my inner purpose is simply to be present and aware. (I just noticed that the word "AWarE" contains the word "awe.")