November 4th, 2015

Update Update

There is really not much to say.  Things are no worse and no better.
I am in relatively good health for a man my age.
Dianne is in relatively poor health for a woman her age.
As she gets weaker and her oxygen requirement stays high we do less and what we do do takes more and more of our available time and energy.  I become more accepting of the eventual inevitable which makes me easier to live with and she remains at peace with whatever comes.

Smoke and smog have blown out of the valley and air quality has been good for about three weeks now.  Nevertheless, Dianne remains on high levels of supplemental oxygen (six litres).  This means that her lungs are badly damaged.  A point will come when her needs are so great and my ability to help her so small that our living arrangements will have to be reconsidered.  I pray that that point will not come soon.

I make things seem worse than they are; Dianne makes them seem better.  Unfortunately, this is my journal so you are getting my side of the story.  Things really haven't changed very much, but i am less in denial about the condition of Dianne's lungs.

I'm sure we will both be here three weeks from now.  What a joy it would be if i could tell you that a miracle had occurred.  It happened before with Dianne's heart.