November 3rd, 2015

On Acting Normal (Part One)

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Under Rule #1 Grandin and Barron make a four fold categorization of rule breaking.:

Really Bad Things

Courtesy Rules

Illegal but Not Bad Things

Sins of the Systm . "These are rules that must never be broken, although they may seem to have little or no basis in logic. They must simply be accepted within our country and our culture. For instance, a small sexual transgression that would result in your name being added to a sex-offender list in the U.S. may have little or no consequence in another country. In theU.S. the two major sins of the system are sexual transgressions and drug offenses. Never commit a “sin of the system” because the penalties are usually very severe. -- Temple Grandin. Learning Social Rules - Autism Asperger's Digest Autism Asperger's Digest

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(More in December)