October 20th, 2015

Answer for question 4532.

Science fiction loves the idea of parallel universes -- do you? Do you find it interesting or scary to think of multiple versions of yourself and others? If you were suddenly face to face with an alternate reality version of yourself, what do you think would happen?
There are theories that posit the possibility, and even the likelihood of other universes. Even if that were not so, this one is so vast that it is reasonable to assume that other carbon based, self conscious "featherless bipeds" exist elsewhere. But another me? You have got to be kidding!

Oh, i am sure that other bastard autistic anarchic mystical sociologists exist elsewhere, maybe even on this planet, even in this city. But i cannot be defined by those labels. As i add up me genetic, experiential, psychological, spiritual, and idiosyncratic traits, the possibility of finding those same traits in the same proportions in another being seems infinitessimally small.

In the unlikely event that i should meet my doppleganger or clone, i would be thrilled. There are things about me that are known to others that i cannot know about myself. When i meet another me we can exchange that information so that i can have both insider and outsider knowledge about myself. I am pretty sure i would like him or at be sympathetic toward him. I would perhaps be able to forgive him for the things i find difficult to forgive in myself.