October 18th, 2015

Update Update -- Smoke is dissipating.

For the last ten days, wildfires to the north have filled the valley with noxious fumes.  Air quality has been  in the "Very Unhealthy" range (which, for Dianne, is "Hazardous") Thursday and Friday.  Yesterday the  index dropped to "Unhealthy to Sensitive Groups" and today it is almost "Moderate" and heading rapidly (i hope) toward good.  Along with that, my worry index has fallen from "Very Stressful" to "Occasiional."  It is unusual to have a large fire this late in the year, but it has been a warm, dry Autumn.  Rain (very little) has dampened the fires and wind has blown  most of the smoke out of the valley.  Showers predicted today and rain tomorrow.
Dianne, of course, has insisted through it all that she is just fine.