September 28th, 2015

Richard Rohr's Meditation--Maya.

Provocative.  Yes, Maya is "tricky, but the trick is probabably inevitabhle, probably eternal, and probably unintentional.  The universe is not trying to fool us; but it has provided us with a reach that exceeds our grasp; and any one more interested in grasping than reaching will be forever frustrated.

What ever i think i see is an illusion.  Wisdom comes only when i know that i do not know.
Where do i (we) come from?
Why am i (are we) here?
Where am i (are we) going?

Though we are impelled to answer these questions, they are unanswerable

What shall i (we) do?    This question has been answered in a hundred thousand ways, it seems.
But  i think that all of the good answers are a single answer expressed in different words.

"I Haven't Written In Vain"---W.H.Auden - Catholic Worker odds & ends

"I assume that all readers of THE NEW YORK REVIEW OF BOOKS know something about the activities of the Catholic Worker movement, even if they have never read its newspaper or visited one of its hostels or communal farms. So, since the philosophical outlook that inspired it was Peter Maurin's Christian 'Personalism,' most of what I have to say will be 'personal' in a lay sense. Let me begin by saying that I am eternally grateful to DorothyDay for conveying to me the nicest poetical compliment I have ever received She had been in iail in the old Women's Prison at Eighth Street and Sixth Avenie (NYC) for protesting against air-raid warnings. There the prisoners got a shower once a week. It so happened that a poem of mine had recently appeared in THE NEW YORKER, of which the last line ran: 'Thousnds have lived without love, not one without water.'  One of Dorothy Day's co-in-mates was a whore who went off to her weekly shower quoting it. 'My God,' I thought, 'I haven't written in vain.'"------W.H. Auden, NYRB, Dec. 14, 1972.

"I Haven't Written In Vain"---W.H.Auden - Catholic Worker odds & ends

Thank you to personalist

(Nor have you or i.)