August 28th, 2015

Hadewijch - God must give us a renewed mind (from Vale Millies)

God must give us a renewed mind (from Vale Millies)

by Hadewijch

English version by Mother Columba Hart
Original Language Dutch

God must give us a renewed mind
     For nobler and freer love,
To make us so new in our life
     That Love may bless us
And renew, with new taste,
     Those to whom she can give new fulness;
Love is the new and powerful recompense
     Of those whose life renews itself for Love alone.
-- Ay, vale, vale, millies *--
     That renewing of new Love
-- Si dixero, non satis est** --
     Which renewal will newly experience.

* Ah, farewell, farewell, a thousand times
** If I speak, it is not enough.

-- from Hadewijch: The Complete Works (Classics of Western Spirituality) , by Mother Columba Hart
Poetry Chaikhana | Hadewijch - God must give us a renewed mind (from Vale Millies)

What if there were a community of mystic poets, reflecting each other, reflecting each soul, reflecting the Divine, reflecting and sharing love?  It would be like a monastery of nuns and monks with no rule but love.  It would be great!.  Taize approaches this, i think, the Catholic Worker, maybe, and Sojourner.  I think the lay mystics of thirteenth century northern Europe might have come close: the Brethern of the Free Spirit, the Beguines and Beghards, (and farther south and more organized)  the Cathari, the Friars Minor and Poor Claires.

They think Hadewijch was a Beguine

Richard Rohr's Meditation--Reverse-Mission

Reverse mission: going among the "savages" so they can convert you.
Falling upward up the downward path.
I've never heard it described or explained better!!