August 21st, 2015

Only assholes question the identity of others

Only assholes question the identity of others

The words "a-----e" and "f__k were used numerous times; and each useage was. i felt. fitting.

I felt like posting a similar response when the NAACP woman in Spokane got "outed as white."

I have a similar feeling when persons of Native  American ancestry who have beed deprived, often unjustly, of tribal affiliation* are denounced as "fake indians" when they make slightly off-center interpretation of First Peoples cultures and traditions.

My first human forefather lived at least one-hundred-twenty-five-thousand years ago.  Mu first human "foremother" lived at least two-hundred-fiftu thousand years ago.  I feel i am relared to all of you: "Yellow," "White," "Black." "Brown." "Red." "Grey." or any other color my species might come in.  I know nothing about any of my sixteen great-great grandparents who lived before the nineteenth century, or half of my great grandparents who lived in before the twentieth century.  My identification  of myself as "White" is arbitrary and suspect

*  In the United States there are about three million Native Americans.  But there at least anotther three million people who live as indians while being identified by a large number of local designations which identify them as "less than white and more then black."   Another six million, and maybe many more (including my son and his biological mother) who have at least one identifianly indian ancestor.  This does not consider that millions of Mexican American and Cenral American American "mestizos" have a thicker indian ancestry then most Native Americans.  Of course there are "fake indians" and many suspicious Indian spirit guides, but a person with a slightly off-center interpretation of "the medicine wheel" or "Toltec wisdom" is not necessarily a fraud.

I Can Identify With Shaun King!

The name that appears on my original birth certificate beside the word "Father" belongs to a somewhat marginal member of  his community who cared a lot about my mother and was willing to  call himself my father to spare her further embarrassment.  The boy whose DNA i carry would become an accepted member of his community without a taint of scandal altough he had committed a violent felony,  The information on birth certificates is provided by the mother and it is rarely, if ever, questioned, even if the mother is a minor and unmarried.

My "sperm donor" was white, but the point is, he could have been of any race.  A birth certificate is only evidence that a mother made certain statements under what might have been extremely stressful and possibly embArrassing  circumstances.  It is not evidence that a competent judge, or even a competent journalist, should take as definitive, and it should not outweigh a person's  own statement about his or her identity.