August 6th, 2015


Yes, the human heart is, sometimes, a heart of darkness.
and the under nourished soul sometimes a bottomless pit of need
and violence can often result.

But no one should underestimate,
(and we all do underestimate)
the power of bureaucracy
to do violence.

Bureaucracy magnifies power,
power magnifies corruption,
and corruption magnifies violence
without any intent to harm.

Eleemosinary institutions
(Schools, Churches, and Hospitals
as well as businesses and governments )
are not exempt from the rules of
Peter, or Michels, or Acton*

*Laurence Peter, the Peter Principle: role players tend to rise in an organization until they reach the level at which they are incompetent, and there they tend to stay.  -- Robert Michels, the Iron Law of Oligarchy, Leaders of organizations, no matter how democratic, maintain their offices through inertia, and train like minded persons as their eventual replacements.  -- John Dahlberg Lord Acton: Letter to Bishop Creighton: "Great men are almost always bad men.... Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely."