July 24th, 2015

More on Japanese prisoners-of-war (2)

There were 5424 Japanese pows in the U.S. between 1942 and 1945.

4814 of these were held at five facilities in Wisconsin, Iowa, California, Texas and Washington.

Where the other 610 were, i have no idea.  Some were possibly at Moab (Utah) Isolation Center, Camp Hearne or Huntsville (Texas), or scattered among the other 650+ POW camps in the U.S.

I doubt that any Japanese POWs were ever held in Idaho, but with 18 undocumented and unnamed "facilities" in the State, how would i know?.  What and where was Camp Algoma?

*  Camp McCoy, Wisconsin                        2762
   Clarida, Iowa                                           1055
  Kenedy, Texas                                           590
  Camp Angel Island, California                    402
  Madigan General Hospital, Washington        5