June 21st, 2015

Going Deep And Coming Up Empty


"...Hohlenstein-Stadel is the only cave in the region where archeologists have found no everyday tools, bones, or rubbish.  It is deeper than theother caves too,  It's not difficult to imagine that within its chambers early hunters venerated the Lionman and that Hohlenstein-Stadel Cave was an early (40,000 years ago) locus of prehistoric religion.  This was 'a holy place.'..."  -- "The first artists," Chip Walter and Steven Alvarez, National Geographic, January, 2015, p 58.

"...America's Large Underground Xenon detector, the most sensitive of its kind, is situated in Lead, South Dakota, right off Main Street and 4,850 feet down by elevator.  It started operating in 2013 but came up empty-handed.  It is currently resuming the search at a higher sensitivity.  Other searches produced ghostly clues, but none has found definitive evidence of dark matter...." -- Timothy Ferris and Robert Clark, "The first glimpse of the hidden Cosmos," National Geographic. January, 2015, p.118.

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