June 18th, 2015

Update Update

Dianne is in bed and sleeping for an hour.  It is 1am Thursday and all seems o.k.  Her blood oxygenation level is up thanks to a much more rapid flow of supplemental  oxygen.  Can't tell whether the breathing treatments are helping.  Two months ago in hospital, it took five days to get her oxygen intake right, so i mustn't be impatient.  Meanwhile she takes all this calmly. apparently without fear or worry.  All in all it has been a good dAy.

Radical Self Love Is Radical Selflessness.

Thank you to liveonearth for posting this:

In the tantric tradition it is said that chaos is 'extremely good news.' When you are willing to enter into your neurosis, your confusion, and your hopelessness, you approach the threshold of the sacred world. No matter where you look, all you see is path. Nothing is out of place and every state of mind is shown to be valid and workable. Even your most disturbing emotions are revealed to be of the nature of light, sent to magically evoke the infinite qualities of love buried within the darkness.

It is risky to let in the possibility that you are not broken, are not a mistake, and are not in need of fixing; that you could actually fully step into this world and participate right here and right now – that you need not wait until certain feelings are present or absent, for the right 'partner' or groovy spiritual career to show up, or for things to look quite the way you thought they were supposed to. If you will let her, the beloved will come in at once and remove all of this, leaving you naked before the truth of your illuminated presence.

Here, you will no longer be able to hide out from your unique natural perfection, pretending you are unworthy. You will no longer be able to assert your unlovability as you discover that what you are is love itself. You see so clearly that there is no 'you' here and 'love' over there; this old idea has been burned up in the fires of transmutation. When you are no longer able to conclude that a mistake has been made, you will see that even your neurotic spinning is weaved of particles of luminosity, brilliance, and intelligence.

Please do not postpone your participation here until things look the way you thought they would. Love is here now. And is burning up in its longing to move through you to set this world on fire.

~Matt Licata
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Update Update

Today passed without incident. We lowered oxygen intake from six to five litres without negative consequence.  (We did it back on "6" for the night.  Dianne seems to be slowly gathering strength.  My attitude is getting more positive.  Her's has always been positive regarding her condition.  I expect to sleep peaceably tonight.