June 7th, 2015

Triple Crown Winners

Triple Crown Winners

Just a little history here for those who don't remember the 1970s
Or the 30s and 40s.

Belair Stud produced two winners, Gallant Fox (1930) and Omaha (1935).
James Fitzsimmons trained both horses.

Calumet Farms produced two winners: Whirlaway (1941) and Citation (1948}
Ben A, Jones was their trainer, Eddie Arcaro was the Jockey.

37 years elapsed between the last winner (Affirmed, 1978) and American Pharoah.
In an 18 year period between 1930 and 1948 there were seven triple crown winners!
And then three more in the 1970s.

Is there a pattern emerging?  Will there be two more winners before 2020?  Or will American Pharoah stand alone, like Sir Barton in 1919.

From Today's Daily Tao - Tao Te Ching. 67 (Fragment)

"....I have three treasures which I hold and keep.
The first is mercy; the second is economy;
The third is daring not to be ahead of others.
From mercy comes courage; from economy comes generosity;
From humility comes leadership....."


"....The three most important qualities in life
are compassion,
or showing kindness and mercy to others,
or knowing what a thing is worth,
and modesty,
or knowing your place in the world.

Courage stems from showing
kindness and mercy to others.
Generosity starts with knowing
what a thing is worth.
True leadership begins with knowing
your place in the world....".

The first version is from the Fortune files. The second version is the Beatrice Tao.
Daiily Tao - 67