May 18th, 2015

Why do you (Republicans) hate America?

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Aside from legislators' reluctance to fund anything outside their own districts, the article discusses four Republican motivations for promoting physical infrastructure decay:

1. Starve the Beast, i.e. government, and use infrastructure funding as a lever to secure agreement to defunding investment in the nation's human capital-- human health and education

2. Privatizing the nation's infrastructure, just for ideological fun

3. Private activity bonds: "[U]nder current law, state and local governments are allowed, effectively, to delegate the ability to issue tax-free bonds to private corporations and investors. As a result, the private investors have the lower borrowing costs associated with government financing and the interest earned on such bonds is tax-free at both the federal and state level. Do you get that? Local governments are financing the efforts to privatize their own public assets and the private equity investors earn tax free profits on their investment. Privatization is not just a golden opportunity, but a tax-payer subsidized, tax-free opportunity - - with no demonstrated public benefit".

4. Repeal labour and environmental laws
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Bitter Grace - Why do you hate America?

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