May 12th, 2015

Answer for question 4362.

Are you a good liar? Under what circumstances do you choose to lie (just little white lies, or bigger ones)? Have you ever regretted your choice to be less than truthful?
I dislike lies and lying, but i've told lies all my life. This is strange because autistic people are supposed to be "brutally" honest (and i have sometimes told the "truth" when doing so did no one any good). I was never a good liar,but i got away with it more often than not. I rationalized that i did it to spare myself or others pain. I thought it was important to be truthful about "big" issues (government, business, religion, etc.) but not about what i did or didn't do this morning or a moment ago. I know that this moment is the only time i have and i must be truthful in it,