April 29th, 2015

Thomas Merton Channels Peter Maurin While Reading The Chuang Tzu By Zhuangzi

“Cracking the safe (excerpt)

A poor man must swing
For stealing a belt buckle
But if a rich man steals a whole state
He is acclaimed
As statesmen of the year . . .

Moral: the more you pile up ethical principles
And duties and obligations
To bring everyone in line
The more you gather loot
For a thief like Khang.
By ethical argument
And moral principle
The greatest crimes are eventually shown
To have been necessary, and, in fact,
A signal benefit
To mankind.”

― Thomas Merton, The Way of Chuang Tzu
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Richard Rohr's-Meditation--All-Spiritual-Knowing-Must-Be-Balanced-by-Not-Knowing


Perhaps it need not be repeated that Christians did not invent Contemplative Prayer, nor are they necessarily the most skilled practitioners of it.

What we know is small (and much of it probably erroneous) while what we do not know is vast.  As our knowledge increased our awareness of our ignorance of the unknown has grown even larger and faster.  As the shoreline of the known expands, the sea of wonder seems ever more vast.  Each attempt at an answer raises many questions so we are cast back on to the simplest of knowledges: that we should love one another and care for one another.  The desert fathers and mothers knew this and even their most extreme behaviors were merely efforts to express that love and care.

The balance of knowing and not-knowing is  disturbed whenever knowing is emphasized!