April 13th, 2015

Richard Rohr's Meditation--Grace-and-Law--Part-II


Hmmmm, yes.  I like this meditation very much and even do not choke on the phrase "radical insufficiiency"

But i've just finished re-reading some of Chesterton's comments on Paganism.  Saying my God is better than your God can get awfully close to saying i'm better than you,

I like my perennial philosophy neat.  Mixing in too much of a particular religion or culture leaves an at least slightly sour taste.  I like a little Taoism, a little Buddhism, a little paganism, a little Christianity, a lot of Sufism (but almost no Islam), a little animism, etc.

I tend to be a little too hard on Christianity, because i am from there and still very close to it *.  I see it in action, whereas i know Taoism in theory and poetry.  Most of us talk a whole lot prettier than we walk.

I have to realize that i cannot rely on "spiritual bartenders" to mix my nectar to my taste.  I have to be less critical (in the negative sense of that word). take what i can use; leave what i can't use for those who can use it.  I also need to acquire a preferrence for a greater variety of "tastes."

*(edit) I have to admit that i expect more of Christianity because it has the most "adherents" and Christians are among the richest and powerful people and live in the wealthiest countries.  I probably should expect less of them because wealth leads to complacency and power radically distorts reality.  Through the second half of the 2oth century the rich countries have been getting less Christian and the poorer countries more Christian: i hope this is for the good of us all,  Christians ought to be poor and powerless, if i read the gospels right.

Answer for question 4320.

Do you ever talk out loud to yourself? What do you say? Why do you think you do this?
I talk out loud to myself a lot, probably more than most people do. Mostly this consists of sighs, grunts, exclamations! and other non-verbal noises. But it often consists of words, sentences, lectures, and even conversations. The lectures and conversations are usually about spirituality or my own stupidity or my perception of human stupidity. When i become conscious of the fact that i am making noises i can usually quit. I probably do this because i am autistic and because i have a preference for my own company.