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March 22nd, 2015

Wrapped, surrounded by ten thousand mountains,
Cut off, no place to go....
Until you're here, there's no way to get here.
Once you're here, there's no way to go.

-- from The Poetry of Zen: (Shambhala Library), Edited by Sam Hamill / Edited by J. P. Seaton

Poetry Chaikhana | Yuan Mei - Wrapped, surrounded by ten thousand mountains

Yuan Mei - Biography

Yuan Mei
China (1716 - 1798)
Buddhist : Zen / Chan

 '...His poetry is deeply engaged with Chan (Zen) and Taoist themes of presence, meditation, and the natural world. As biographer Arthur Whaley notes, Yuan Mei's poetry "even at its lightest always had an undertone of deep feeling and at its saddest may at any moment light a sudden spark of fun." '

Poetry Chaikhana | Yuan Mei - Buddhist/Zen/Chan - Poetry, Biography, Books
In ‘Anonymous Soldiers,’ terrorism wins in Middle East;

IMPPO  violence is simply violence.
No matter who uses it,
No matter what they use it for.
No matter when they use it.
No matter who accepts it or doesn't accept it,
  approves of it or doesn't approve of it.
Even if statistics and experts deny it,
  the main consequence of violence
  is always more violence.

It is sometimes hard for me to remember this when people i like
  are beating the crap out of people i don't like.

Politics And Poetry

I have only a bit of discretionary money.
A vital political and economic cause says it needs it urgently.
My favorite poetry website says it needs it urgently,
I guess i know what i have to do.
"Returning to the Fields" (alternatively translated by others as "Return to the Field"):

when I was young, I was out of tune with the herd:
My only love was for the hills and mountains.
Unwitting I fell into the Web of the World's dust
And was not free until my thirtieth year.
The migrant bird longs for the old wood:
The fish in the tank thinks of its native pool.
I had rescued from wildness a patch of the Southern Moor
And, still rustic, I returned to field and garden.
My ground covers no more than ten acres:
My thatched cottage has eight or nine rooms.
Elms and willows cluster by the eaves:
Peach trees and plum trees grow before the hall.
Hazy, hazy the distant hamlets of men.
Steady the smoke of the half-deserted village,
A dog barks somewhere in the deep lanes,
A cock crows at the top of the mulberry tree.
At gate and courtyard—no murmur of the World's dust:
In the empty rooms—leisure and deep stillness.
Long I lived checked by the bars of a cage:
Now I have turned again to Nature and Freedom.

Tao Yuanming - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
I built my hut within where others live,
But there is no noise of carriages and horses.
You ask how this is possible:
When the heart is distant, solitude comes.
I pluck chrysanthemums by the eastern fence
And see the distant southern mountains.
The mountain air is fresh at dusk.
Flying birds return in flocks.
In these things there lies a great truth,
But when I try to express it, I cannot find the words.

Poetry Chaikhana | T'ao Ch'ien - I built my hut within where others live
"Finally, calm, unruffled silence is an eloquent and gracious reflection of God's unconditional love. Clement, a first century Christian, wrote, "Let (those who belong to Christ) demonstrate by silence the gentleness of their tongue; (thus) let them show His love" (1 Clement 21:7).

And so we pray for a silence that "swallows up the waves of wrong and never throws them back to swell the commotion of the angry sea from whence they came" (George MacDonald). O for grace to annihilate wrong in this way."  -- David Roper

Faith commentary: The sounds of silence can be quite powerful | Religion | Idahostatesman.com



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