February 12th, 2015

Answer for question 4236.

Have you ever used a pickup line? What was it -- and did it work? What's the worst one you've ever heard?
I was at a business conference and saw woman standing on a balcony that i considered very attractive. I was nerdy, shy, socially inept. I had never used a "pickup line;" i doubt that i knew what that meant. I was standing near a guy who knew her and heard me comment on her beauty. He said he would introduce us. As she walked toward us, i, without waiting to be introduced, blurted out. "How can they expect us to keep our minds on business with beauty like this about." ugg, that line didn't deserve to work, but it did! We married seven months later and will soon celebrate out 54th wedding anniversary.

Hospital, Day 5,

This afternoon Dianne was moved to the Rehabilitation Center within the hospital.  This is just what we wanted.  For one thing this means she does not have so far to go as in previous go-rounds.  Previously insurance has refused to pay for in-hospital rehab because she needed more than it could give.  It looks like she will be here one to two weeks, starting with an hour of physical therapy and an hour of occupational therapy each week day.  I think she might get some therapy this weekend also.  She continues to benefit from your good thoughts and prayers.