February 6th, 2015

Health And Weakness

Dianne fell today getting out of the bathtub.  The joints of her legs froze and she  could neither walk not stand.  EMTs came to help her up but since her leg was in pain she agreed to go to an ER and have an X-ray.  Leg seems find but her difficultie walking or standing continues,  We've had to call an ambulance once before already this  year and i had to ask my son-in-law to come over another time to help her up,  Leaving the ER we went to try to keep an appointment with her doctor and she fell in the parking lot.  I almost dropped her again when we got home and again when she went to bed for the night.  The last few weeks have been increasingly difficult from the point of view of her mobility.  The last time the EMTs came they talked assisted living and also this time.  Dianne has been adamant about this and i  have supported her wholeheartedly..But now i wonder if we can handle this  on our own.  She seems to be in denial, but maybe i'm just acting like an autistic kid.  It is probably a bit of both.  Anyway, she is asleep now and will likely sleep the night.

So no more worries until morning.  Then in early pm a physical therapist will come by to see what can be accomplished from that angle, and we might ask for some other kind of help once we find what services are available; i understand they are quite diverse.

Dianne is incredible!  I would not know how i might deal with chronic immobility that suddenly gets even much worse.  I am afraid it would  not be with a  smile on my face and a song in my heart.  You may think me remiss, but i always try to keep you informed about really important stuff.  Dianne dismisses her many health problems as not really important and i trust her more than myself to know what is important and what isn't.  But my inner peace is being tested and being found much wanting.  But we are both basically okay with whatever comes.