January 23rd, 2015

The Cloud Of Unknowing (30) - Chapter Nine And Twenty


That a man should bidingly travail in this work, and suffer the pain thereof, and judge no man.

Hereby mayest thou see that no man should be judged of other here in this life, for good nor for evil that they do. Nevertheless deeds may lawfully be judged, but not the man, whether they be good or evil.

Cloud of Unknowing - Christian Classics Ethereal Library

Richard Rohr's Meditation:Reality Trumps Words.


But illusion still trumps reality, i think.

But,still, i really liked this.

Maybe i've misunderstood Wilbur on First Peoples spirituality.
This suggest a respect for it that i did not know he had.

First peoples confronted reality as reality or illusion.
We confront it as cultural images which we wrongfully take to be beyond illusion and reality.
And we give to something we do not take as reality the name of true (virtual) reality.