January 21st, 2015

Richard Rohr's-Meditation--Bearing-the-Divine-Fingerprint.


I like this very much,
But perhaps the shield of books and words
is not the only thing preventing
our appreciation of the majesty
the divinity, the necessity of Natire.

When we divide the universe
into sacred and profane
as high god religions and
great civilizations tend to do
we grant nature a disorderliness
that exists only
in our perception of it.

We would rather have a park than a forest;
then we note that a building gathers more taxes than a park.
When we have conquered nature
or tried our best and failed
natire will still exist, but without a human element..

The important thing about nature
is that it is

The Cloud Of Unknowing (24) The Three and Twentieth Chapter -- A Begging Bowl?----------------------


How God will answer and purvey for them in spirit, that for business about His love list not answer nor purvey for themselves

And as He will answer for us thus in spirit, so will He stir other men in spirit to give us our needful things that belong to this life, as meat and clothes with all these other; if He see that we will not leave the work of His love for business about them. And this I say in confusion of their error, that say that it is not lawful for men to set them to serve God in contemplative life, but if they be secure before of their bodily necessaries. ... (T)rust steadfastly, thou whatsoever that thou be, that truly turnest thee from the world unto God, that one of these two God shall send thee, without business of thyself: and that is either abundance of necessaries, or strength in body and patience in spirit to bear need.....
And therefore thou, that settest thee to be contemplative as Mary was, choose thee rather to be meeked under the wonderful height and the worthiness of God, the which is perfect, than under thine own wretchedness, the which is imperfect: that is to say, look that thy special beholding be more to the worthiness of God than to thy wretchedness. For to them that be perfectly meeked, no thing shall defail; neither bodily thing, nor ghostly. For why? They have God, in whom is all plenty; and whoso hath Him—yea, as this book telleth—him needeth nought else in this life.

Cloud of Unknowing - Christian Classics Ethereal Library

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