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The Cloud Of Unknowing (16) - Fifteenth Chapter -- "The Once Born"


A short proof against their error that say, that there is no perfecter
cause to be meeked under, than is the knowledge of a man's own

AND trust steadfastly that there is such a perfect meekness as I speak
of, and that it may be come to through grace in this life. And this I
say in confusion of their error, that say that there is no perfecter
cause of meekness than is that which is raised of the remembrance of
our wretchedness and our before done sins.

I grant well, that to them that have been in accustomed sins, as I am
myself and have been, it is the most needful and speedful cause, to be
meeked under the remembrance of our wretchedness and our before?done
sins, ever till the time be that the great rust of sin be in great part
rubbed away, our conscience and our counsel to witness. But to other
that be, as it were, innocents, the which never sinned deadly with an
abiding will and avisement, but through frailty and unknowing, and the
which set them to be contemplatives--and to us both if our counsel and
our conscience witness our lawful amendment in contrition and in
confession, and in making satisfaction after the statute and the
ordinance of all?Holy Church, and thereto if we feel us stirred and
called by grace to be contemplatives also--there is then another cause
to be meeked under .. far above this cause....

For if it so were that there were no perfect cause to be meeked under,
but in seeing and feeling of wretchedness, then would I wit of them
that say so, what cause they be meeked under that never see nor
feel--nor never shall be in them--wretchedness nor stirring of sin:....

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The Cloud Of Unknowing (17) - Sixteenth Chapter


That by Virtue of this work a sinner truly turned and called to
contemplation cometh sooner to perfection than by any other work; and
by it soonest may get of God forgiveness of sins.

LOOK that no man think it presumption, that he that is the wretchedest
sinner of this life dare take upon him after the time be that he have
lawfully amended him, and after that he have felt him stirred to that
life that is called contemplative, by the assent of his counsel and his
conscience for to profer a meek stirring of love to his God, privily
pressing upon the cloud of unknowing betwixt him and his God. When our
Lord... called (Mary of Bethany) to contemplative life, .. it was
because she loved much.

Lo! here may men see what a privy pressing of love may purchase of our
Lord, before all other works that man may think. And yet I grant well,
that she had full much sorrow, and wept full sore for her sins, and
full much she was meeked in remembrance of her wretchedness. And so
should we do, that have been wretches and accustomed sinners; all our
lifetime make hideous and wonderful sorrow for our sins, and full much
be meeked in remembrance of our wretchedness.

...(Mary) hung up her love and her longing desire in this cloud
of unknowing, and learned her to love a thing the which she might not
see clearly in this life, by light of understanding in her reason, nor
yet verily feel in sweetness of love in her affection. Insomuch, that
she had ofttimes little special remembrance, whether that ever she had
been a sinner or none. Yea, and full ofttimes I hope that she was so
deeply disposed to the love of His Godhead that she had but right
little special beholding unto the beauty of His precious and His
blessed body, in the which He sat full lovely speaking and preaching
before her; nor yet to anything else, bodily or ghostly. That this be
sooth, it seemeth by the gospel.
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Answer for question 4200.

Imagine that you get into an argument with a friend. You both say things that are out of line. Days later, you apologize but he/she just accepts it and doesn’t offer their own apology, even though they said things that hurt your feelings. What do you say or do in this situation?
Nothing. The fact that i apologize should not make me feel like i am owed one.

Worse is when the person, who has been a good friend, will not accept my apology. But there is nothing i can do about that either. I lost a co-grandparent to an argument during "W" (the shrub's) first term and we have not spoken since.

I have since learned to choose my words carefully and not use about 95 percent of them.

The Cloud Of Unknowing (18) - Chapter Seventeen - Mary And Martha


That a Very contemplative list not meddle him with active life, nor of anything that is done or spoken about him, nor yet to answer to his blamers in excusing of himself.
"Lo! friend, all these works, these words, and these gestures, that were shewed betwixt our Lord and these two sisters, be set in ensample of all actives and all contemplatives that have been since in Holy Church, and shall be to the day of doom. For by Mary is understood all contemplatives; for they should conform their living after hers. And by Martha, actives on the same manner; and for the same reason in likeness."

Cloud of Unknowing - Christian Classics Ethereal Library

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