December 27th, 2014

Whoville Christmas, 2014

This year, like last, i did not get around to putting up a tree or any decorations, but i did get Dianne a gift and planned to put  together a Christmas dinner.  Rising early i got a turkey ready to roast and started to make other dishes.  I interrupted food preparation to help Dianne get breakfast and a bath.  Coming out of the bath, she fell.  It was a safe fall with no injury, but neither she, i, or both of us together can get her on her feet once she is on the floor.  Our son and his roommate were expected soon, but both men are too disabled to assist in helping a person to her feet.  So i called the fire department.  Three firemen, our son, and  our friend arrived at about the same time.  We had to listen to a lecture about taking care of ourselves, things of which we were already painfully aware.  I got dinner ready only half an hour later than planned.  It was Christmassy, tasty, and enjoyed by all.

We don't shop well any more (i never did) so we have taken to giving money.  Younger daughter had been too busy (UPS) to shop.  Older daughter had brought fifteen pounds of beef for roasting the day before.  I gave Dianne a cashmere sweater; son gave us each a book (Thomas Merton's writings for me; Therese of Lisieux for Dianne.)  We spent a couple pleasant hours eating and talking then the two men left to be home before dark.

The externals of Christmas seemed meager, even non-existent.  But we remember that the first "Christmas" was spent in a barn with straw for warmth and sheep for company.  The spirit of the day was fully alive; the invisible Christmas was completely there.

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a peaceful, joyous, compassionate new year..