October 6th, 2014


My friend who barred my comments to his posts almost exactly one year ago has taken away that bar.  I found this out when i successfully posted a comment this morning.  There was no explaination (so far as i know) for the banning or the unbanning.

I suspect that my friend banned me "for my own good."  I am as good as anyone at imagining conspiracies, apocolypses and the ultimate triumph of evil, but i do not value my own opinion enough to be depressed or frightened by it.  When someone else voices similar concerns about our corruption and our terrible inability to see it, admit it, or face it i do take it seriously and consequently become disspirited and/or angry.

I comment rarely and try, like a good Buddhist, to say only what i think is truthful, necessary, and kind.  But sometimes i slip, especially when i think there are literary atrocities on political or economic topics, and say what is unnecessary and unkind.  And i can also go a little crazy when someone else comes a little too closer to precisely expressing my own fears.

I also convey opinions and imformation much better than i convey sympathy or empathy.  I know how to consolidate but not how to console.