October 4th, 2014


I am thinking about knowledge and thinking and mind and up pops this poem by Mahendranth Battacharya with a commentary by Ivan M, Granger which says what i want to say much better than i do,  I especially like the following paragraph from Granger's commentary:

"The poem becomes a sort of self-instruction while, at the same time, it gets its audience laughing. The Mind is commonly imagined to be in charge, the source of knowledge but, instead, Battacharya (like his fellow Bengali poet, Ramprasad) sees it as the fool messing everything up with its obliviousness and inability to notice what is in its “own house.” The “someone” who has crept into his house is the thieving ego."
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How Do I Perceive the World?

I Have Extroverted Intuition:

"I'm not the type of person who needs everything spelled out. I am good at reading between the lines.
I am very open to the world and all of its possibilities. I like to explore many avenues.

"I see how the world works together, and i don't believe anything is in a vacuum. I am always looking for new ideas and information to add to the mix.
I notice what is front of me, but i am more about what is not seen. I integrate the biggest picture."

Wisdom is the retention of innocence through adversity. - How Do You Perceive the World?

I got this from madman101 but i took the test myself and came up with the same result.