August 26th, 2014

Drivers License Renewal Dread

Today i went out to get a badly needed haircut (i looked homeless) preparatory to getting my driver's license renewed.  It is a very nice cut, given me by the owner of the shop, who i had never met.  I knew that his teenage daughter had died two years ago on a school outing.  He seems to be still grieving.  Since the drowning had been a big story at the time, i felt i could offer condolences, and did.

Then at the DMV they called my number an instant after i drew it, giving no time for anxiety or panic.  I prayed that i would get a caring, compassionate, lenient clerk and that i would pass the eye test.  Indeed, the clerk was the epitome of friendliness and helpfulness.  I failed the eye test five times; then she noticed i had glasses hanging from my neck and asked if they were my "driving glasses."  I put them on and passed the test.  Now all i have to do is remember to wear them when i drive and i'm good for another four years.  Whew and Hooray.