July 22nd, 2014

Elsa Barker - He Who Knows Love

He who knows Love--becomes Love, and his eyes
Behold Love in the heart of everyone,
Even the loveless: as the light of the sun
Is one with all it touches. He is wise
With undivided wisdom, for he lies
In Wisdom's arms. His wanderings are done,
For he has found the Source whence all things run--
The guerdon of the quest, that satisfies.

He who knows Love becomes Love, and he knows
All beings are himself, twin-born of Love.
Melted in Love's own fire, his spirit flows
Into all earthly forms, below, above;
He is the breath and glamour of the rose,
He is the benediction of the dove.

-- from Poems of Awakening: An International Anthology of Spiritual Poetry,

Poetry Chaikhana | Elsa Barker - He Who Knows Love