May 10th, 2014

Mothers' Day

He who has seen my Mother
can he hate his brother?  -- Nazral Islam

All faiths recognize a universal brother/sisterhood of humanity, but too often it seems like a vague philosophical concept or a pleasant statement.
But when we bring an image of the divine Feminine into our sense of sacred reality, whether as one of ... great Hindu goddesses, Mother Mary, Sophia, one of the pre-Christian goddesses of Europe, even a revered female saint. the universal family of life becomes a more tangible, felt reality to us.  That touch of the Mother frees our philosophies from the head and brings them into the heart and into the belly, and we experience the interconnectedness of things in a more visceral, immediate way.  Brotherhood (Siblinghood?) ceases to be a nice idea and becomes the single and obvious reality.... Ivan M. Granger

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