May 7th, 2014

Personal Stuff

Robert Manwill was remembered last week by art, scholarships and attention to child abuse.  We will remember him.

Idaho, one of the reddest of red states, now officially has the "most conservative U.s. Senator.  I continue to mourn.

A nosebleed (problem has shifted to the left nostril i guess) drove me to the ER early this A. M.  all is well now.

Niki went fearfully to the vet for her "annual" checkup and shots.  This is preliminary to a proposed gambling trip to Nevada later this month.  Thumbs up for success, or at the very ;least a safe journey.

Hunafi (Though I May Be Unable To Chose Among The Old, I Promise I Will Not Start A New Religion)

The prophet Muhammad, before his revelations, is said to have been a Hanif, one of a small, unorganized collection of Meccans who found the current religious and spiritual life of Mecca unacceptable and sought to learn the "true teachings of the religion of Abraham).  They sought the truyh through the light of their own consciousnesses.   Hunafi supposedly meant "those who turn aside" (from the idols), but came to signify "those who behave in an upright manner."  Searching for the "Truth" we may or may not learn truth, but we should learn how to behave.

This was also Joseph Smith, Jr.'s problem.  He searched among the denominations of up-state New York (which i guess was his world as Arabia was Muhammad's) and could  "not get no satisfaction" that God's truth was in any of them.