March 6th, 2014

Endpoem, By Colin Oliver

Given to God.
      the worn sandals of thought
      left at a distant threshold.
one's care is for Him alone
that His care may be for all

Before Him, in His Mystery,
the unclenching
of the fists of knowing --
      the unhanding of all things to Him,
      being in oneself nothing
      and no-one,
      the fool with open palms --
before Him, that one
might happily contain Him.

Being empty and light,
one is God, His all and His Love,
held within the light --
      and one sinks as the light
      to God, through God and,
      for His sake, beyond God.

One is
a pebble turned between God's fingers,
to be tossed
into the pool of His everlasting clearness
      that His hand might be free.

From: Stepping into Brilliant Air, by Colin Oliiver
From: Poetry Chaikhana website.