February 24th, 2014

Niffari (Muhammad ibn al-Hasan an-Niffari) - The Standing "My Time Has Come"

The Standing "My Time Has Come"

by Niffari (Muhammad ibn al-Hasan an-Niffari)

English version by Michael A. Sells
Original Language Arabic

He stood me, saying:

If you cannot see me, you are not with me
If you see an other-than-me, you do not see me

Intimations of me in anything
     efface the meaning of meaning within it,
     and affirm it from, not through

In you is something
     that cannot be relinquished
     that cannot be turned away

When you are silent of yourself
     the proclaimer must speak

In everything is a trace of me
     If you speak of it, you change it

Put remembrance of me behind you,
     Or you'll revert to the other-than-me,
          between you and it, nothing

My moment has come
     The time has come for me to unveil my face
          and manifest my splendor

          My light will reach the courtyards
     and what is beyond
          Eyes will gaze upon me,
     hearts will gaze
          You will see my enemy
     loving me,
          my intimate companions

I will raise up thrones for them
They will send away the fire
     never to return
I will inhabit once more
     my ruined abodes
adorning them with the real
     You will see how a measure of me
expels otherness

I will gather all people into well-being
     Never again will they be divided or abased
Take out my hidden treasure
     Realize my tidings
          my readiness,
          my imminent rising
I will rise and the stars will gather around me
I will bring sun and moon together
I will enter every dwelling
"Peace to you," they will greet me
"And to you, peace," I will reply
At my beckon, the hour will rise
I am the Almighty, the Compassionate.

-- from Early Islamic Mysticism: Sufi, Quran, Miraj, Poetic and Theological Writings (Classics of Western Spirituality), by Michael A. Sell

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