November 15th, 2013

Anything, Worth Doing. Is Worth Doing

Anything worth doing
is worth doing well.
Who says?
Nobody knows!
Perhaps that person
wanted the message
to be known
more than the
Perhaps it is medieval
folk wisdom, which
is not always wrong
and sometimes right.

The journalist of "fear
and loathing" said something
like that;
but he was too young
to have been its source.
My dad must have said it
100 times, but
Dad was wrong about
a lost of stuff.

Anything worth doing
is worth doing badly.
An "accomplished" man
said that.
.Not a person i admire,
but one who inspired
many who have inspired me,
So i guess i am in his lineage,
like it or not.

I make love badly,
i sing badly,
i express myself badly
i meditate badly.
i pray badly.
i commiserate badly
Should i not do these things?