October 27th, 2013

Daily Journaling Is Healthy

James Pennebaker, a nationally known American social psychologist, has done extensive research on journaling as a route to healing. According to his book “Writing to Heal,” his research has shown that short-term focused writing can have a beneficial effect on everyone: from those dealing with a terminal illness to victims of violent crime, to college students facing first-year transitions. His book is a how-to guide on writing expressively.

“When people are given the opportunity to write about emotional upheavals, they often experience improved health,” Pennebaker said. “They go to the doctor less. They have changes in immune function.”

Much like expressive journaling is beneficial to one’s mental health, the act of food journaling has been proven to be beneficial to one’s physical health.

Journal-keepers find relief, motivation with daily writing - Refresh - The Buffalo News

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