September 4th, 2013

Deadliest Wars -- (2) Late Yuan Warfare And Transition To Ming Dynasty

These wars between 1340 and 1368 took 30,000,000 human lives, 6.7% of World Population of that time.  It could be considered an epilogue to the Mongol Conquests -- Yuan was a Mongol dynasty and the years of its deterioration correspond, by one account, with the final 28 years of the Conquests.  This was placed  number 9 on a list of the ten deadliest events in human history *

"From the late 1340s onwards, people in the countryside suffered from frequent natural disasters such as droughts, floods and the resulting famines, and the government's lack of effective policy led to a loss of popular support. In 1351, the Red Turban Rebellion started and grew into a nationwide uprising. In 1354, when Toghtogha led a large army to crush the Red Turban rebels, Toghun Temür suddenly dismissed him for fear of betrayal. This resulted in Toghun Temür's restoration of power on the one hand and a rapid weakening of the central government on the other. He had no choice but to rely on local warlords' military power, and gradually lost his interest in politics and ceased to intervene in political struggles. He fled north to Shangdu from Dadu (present-day Beijing) in 1368 after the approach of the forces of the Míng Dynasty (1368–1644), founded by Zhu Yuanzhang in the south. He had tried to regain Dadu, which eventually failed; he died in Yingchang (located in present-day Inner Mongolia) two years later (1370). Yingchang was seized by the Ming shortly after his death. Some royal family members still lived in Henan today.[22]"

Yuan Dynasty - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

* Simon Richards on ListVerse

1)  European colonization of the Americas, 100,000,000 deaths (probably reasonably accurate!!  1500-1890 (some say it hasn't stopped yet.)

2)   World War II (1939-1945)  72,000,000 deaths (Supposedly the "high estimate", it may actually be low.)

3)  World War I (1914-1918).  65,000,000 deaths. (This is a much higher number than any i have seen -- the usual statistic says 36,000,000.  The 65 million number includes victims of the the "Spanish Flu" (which actually started, i think, on a military base in Kansas) .  It may also include violent events which occurred in the warring countries but not really part of WWI -- such as the genocide of the Armenian population of Turkey)

4) Mongol Conquests (1206-1337? not 1368??)  60,000,000 deaths.

5) Soviet Crimes (1917-1953  49,000,000 deaths, mostly while Stalin was premier.

6)  The Great Chinese Famine (1958--1961) 43,000,000 deaths.

7) Taiping Rebellion (1851--1864)  40,000,000 deaths  (Numbers range for 5,000,000 to 100,000,000;  i suppose 40 million is as good a guess as any.  I am more familiar with 20,000,000).

8)  An Lushan Rebellion (755 - 763) 36,000,000 deaths (journal entry forthcoming)

9) Late Yuan dynasty warfare and transition to Ming Dynasty.

 10) Atlantic Slave Trade 1500 - 1807, 15  million deaths (probably a vast underestimation,  Oops, probably a slight overestimation!)

End Of Day

Yesterday was a difficult day for Dianne, she seemed disoriented, but she insisted she was just tired.  So took a five hour nap in the afternoon and awoke refreshed.  Today she had more energy, at least enough to have a pretty good session of physical therapy.  Then this evening i screwed up her oxygen delivery system and almost undid everything.  She also failed to take any diuretic today which causes me to worry.  I must remember to take life second by second.

War in Syria is pushing out other things.  I can't do anything about it.  I must focus my thought and action in places where they can have some value.  No one understands or even recognizes a true sage; just because ideas are 2000 or 3000 years does not mean they are valueless; the may be the most useful ideas we have.