July 19th, 2013

Humble And Honorable

If you are honorable,
but remain humble,
you will see things as they are.
If you see things as they are,
you'll always be right with Tao:
Your life will become simple,
yet full of potential.

Let Tao show you
how to get right with Tao,
so your slightest gesture
can change the world.

From the Beatrice Tao, Chapter 28.

Daily Tao - 28

There is no "but" between honor and humility.
For the truly honorable are also truly humble,
both the honorable and the humble acknowledge their equality with all sentient beings.

A knight's "honor" rarely prevented him from exploiting those he considered beneath him.
nor does an officer often hesitate to betray those he outranks.
and the rich do not often give pedestrians the right of way over their Rollses.