July 12th, 2013


Family is still in town, including younger daughter's husband who flew in this morning.  We all spent a couple of pleasant hours this afternoon.  I was spared a "Rainman" moment when we all agreed to watch Jeopardy.  Son-in-law is good, maybe better than me (but then sports and cars were among the categories.)
Younger daughter and granddaughters have been to the nursing home four times this week, in various combinations.  Older daughter was along twice.  This has been really great, especially for Dianne.  They will be driving back to their home Sunday morning.

Insurance stopped paying for the room, July 5th.  We lost two appeals, next step would be judiciary which i am unwilling to go for.  Dianne will see the orthopedist on Tuesday' if her right leg is declared "weight bearing" we should be okay.  Otherwise we will continue to be responsible for payment until she is.  She says she will go home on the sixteenth if she is not weight bearing; i say she will stay where she is until we feel safe in each other's care.  Of course there must be other options by i am too tired and "aspergery" to think about those now.

Her rehabilitation schedule got fouled up this week and she missed four straight days.  A bit of a setback, but she got rehab yesterday and today, and she is scheduled for tomorrow.  So she is back on track.

There should be more news on Tuesday or Wednesday.