July 11th, 2013

Is It Evil To Create Something Which Will Be Inaccessible To The People Who Need It?

There is drug which mimics a "defective" gene which can lower LDL cholesterol to the point where premature deaths from strokes, heart attacks, and heard problems could be virtually eliminated.  The cost of this drug will be so great that the health care system will be "strained beyond its limit."  It may save your life, but only if you are very rich or very lucky.

Thomas Crick (i think?) responded to an interviewers comment about how wonderful the discovery of DNA was by saying "only if we can make it affordable."

Is it better to die because there is no hope or to die because hope is there but beyond your reach?

Or maybe its capitalism and money that are the problem..

Money i have just been told (thank you to showingup ) was invented as a means of spreading wealth to the poor.  Now it seems to function primarily to keep the wealthy wealthy.Collapse )